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Getting into Debt Journey

The Road to Debt – Part One

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob and I am a 30 something living in the UK who also happens to be in a lot of debt. This blog has been designed to make me accountable to this debt, as well as to help others and also to keep me on track with paying […]

Trust Deed PPI Claims

Claiming PPI whilst in a Trust Deed

You may have heard about people claiming vast sums of money in relation to Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI. PPI is an insurance policy which, in the past, lenders regularly sold alongside credit cards and personal loans which was intended to be a safety net for the borrower. PPI was designed to cover repayments on […]

Rob’s Debt Progress

Debt Blog

Where have the Debt updates gone?

In case anyone is wondering where the update was for the end of last month, well I have decided to change things a little bit. Instead of posting monthly, I am going to post every three months. The reason I have decided to do this is because my debt only decreases a little every month, with […]

Debt Blog

May 2014 Debt Update

So here we are, it’s May and the weather has been nice and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t provide an update on how my debt is going, and what’s been happening debt wise this month. I owe money to a total of 23 organisations or creditors as they are known. After payments this month I owe […]

Debt Advice

Virgin Mobile Complaint Resolved

Back in December last year I wrote about a complaint I made to Virgin Mobile regarding the data they were sending to my credit file. I said that I had written to the Information Commissioner to ask them to review my complaint. Yesterday I received a call from Virgin Media because the Information Commissioner had contacted […]

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Bankruptcy in Scotland

The word bankruptcy is enough to strike fear and loathing into any man or woman's heart. Bankruptcy for many people is a sign of things gone wrong, a … [Read More...]

Debt Solutions

Debt Management Plans

Debt Management Plans

So you are considering getting a Debt Management Plan are you? Want to know more about this type of Debt Solution? OK well this guide will give … [Read More...]

Debt Management Plans Advice

UK Debt Management Plan

Thinking about getting a Debt Management Plan? Want to know more about them and where you can find out more? No problem we have got you covered. A … [Read More...]